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Squeak Squeak, MotherF@#&er – Doom Patrol S2 E1 Review

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Doom Patrol Season 2, Episode 1

“Fun Size Patrol”

Director: Chris Manley

Writer: Jeremy Carver

With an influx of capital from Warner Brothers, Doom Patrol returns for its second season. The first three episodes are now available on the HBO Max and DC Universe subscription services. New episodes will be added every Thursday. I'm not alone in thinking that Doom Patrol is arguably the best original show to come from DC Universe. I had high hopes for the new season and the second episode did not disappoint. A quick season one recap: Niles “Chief” Caulder (Timothy Dalton) has spent his life searching for the secret to immortality. During his journey he's discovered and fostered a group of individuals, each with strange conditions and unique abilities. Rita “Elasti-Girl” Farr is an amorphous blob who struggles to keep her human form. Larry “Negative Man” Trainor (Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk) possesses a strange energy being within his body. Clint “Robot Man” Steele (Brendan Frazer/Riley Shanahan) is a brain inside a robotic body. After an accident, Vic Sage's life was saved by technology, transforming him into Cyborg. Finally, there's Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) who has 64 alternate personalities, each with its own unique super power. Together, this gang of damaged misfits are the Doom Patrol.

Without getting into all the plot lines of the first season, all you really need to know for this review is that at the end of the season 1 finale, every member of the team except Negative Man was shrunk down to miniature size. The main plot of “Fun Size Patrol” picks up a little while after the previous season's finale. The team are living on a miniature train set, being cared for by Negative Man as he searches for a way to return them to regular size. The hallmark of this series is that most of the character development comes from flashbacks, and this episode was no exception. In the present day, all the characters are generally angry. The flashbacks explain their motivations and reasons behind their angst. The other high point of this series is the interactions between the characters. In this episode the dialogue between the characters both explores themes from the previous season and begins to set up the emotions and situations that will be examined over the course of this season. We also get to see each main character interact with the newest edition to the team, Chief's daughter Dorothy.

Dorothy was introduced at the end of the last season, but she remains a rather mysterious character. The main focus of this season seems poised to be about Dorothy, and her relationship with Chief. At the beginning of this episode we get our first real glimpse into the history between these two characters. This opening scene sucks the viewer in from the very beginning. I actually found Dorothy to be a bit annoying, but there is one aspect of her character that intrigued me. Dorothy has the ability to summon strange creatures into our world. She can talk to these creatures in creepy one sided conversations. I'm interested to see how she ends up relating to Crazy Jane who lives with similar circumstances because of her split personalities.

Doom Patrol has always been a wacky property with out-there storylines and characters. It doesn't seem like the type of thing that would translate well from the pages of comic books onto the screen. Yet, somehow the show not only works but shines. The strangeness of the characters is used to create visceral character drama. The character development is top notch. The viewer finds themselves naturally rooting for these flawed characters as the Doom Patrol turns their detriments into strengths. This dramatic flair and character development makes even the odd situations the characters face come across as grave and important. It's easy not to get thrown off by the strangeness of the storylines when the characters are so fully developed and the acting is so strong. I've still got two new episodes left to watch, and I cannot wait to get started. Doom Patrol season two is off to a great start and can only get better from here.   

SCORE: 5 / 5