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The Bayou Never Lets Go – It Eats What Feeds It

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It Eats What Feeds It

Writer: Max Hoven and Aaron Crow

Artist: Gabriel Lumazark

Publisher: Scout Comics

It Eats What Feeds It is a brand new horror story from Scout Comics. I was lucky enough to get to review advanced copies of all three issues of this mini-series, so I can say with confidence that this comic is sixty-five pages of creepy fun. After answering a help wanted ad, Kenny goes to work as the caretaker of a mansion in the swamps of Louisiana. His employer, and seemingly the mansion's only resident, is the mysterious and seductive Francois. For Kenny, it's a dream job and he quickly settles in to his new position. The only thing that troubles him is the strange locked door he's not allowed to ask about or open.

The inks are lighter and the colors more subdued, but the style of illustration reminded me of 90s animation, and not solely because Kenny looks like a grown up version of the kid from The Pagemaster. There's also some stylings reminiscent of the visual tropes common to manga. This mix of styles gives the comic a unique look. Every panel is colored with a spooky overlay, giving the reader the impression that the gases and fog from the surrounding bayou has permeated the house. Even with the murky overlay, Lumazark pays close attention to shading and shadow in regard to the source of light in each panel. This consideration of where light is coming from in a panel makes the scenes set in darkness all the creepier. These effects come together in such a way that the foreboding mansion almost becomes a character of its own.

I wouldn't go so far as to call It Eat What Feeds It a true Gothic story, but it has some of the key elements. Isolated house, hints at the supernatural, and an erotic yet romantic undercurrent to the story. The plot has a familiar premise, but it unfolds in such a way that the reader is instantly drawn in. Thanks to the atmospheric artwork and setting, even the most innocuous events in the story are given a sinister air. The story has good pacing, but I wish it were longer. There were several scenes that would have, if they had been longer or drawn out over more pages, increased the overall level of suspense. At the end of the day though, the story is very entertaining just as it is presented.

It Eat What Feed It is an awesome short horror story, presented in a graphic format. The plot is familiar but the storyline feels original. The comic grabs the reader's attention on the first page and doesn't let go until the very end. The artwork is gorgeous, and expansive enough to make every setting feel both spooky and realistic. The art and the story combine in such a way that the mansion almost becomes the third main character, making Kenny and Francois' interactions within all the more thrilling. Horror fans will really enjoy It Eat What Feeds It. The first issue releases to shops on July 15th, or it can be purchased directly from Scout. 

Story: 5 / 5

Art: 5 / 5

OVERALL: 5 / 5