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Turning Her Mess Into A Message – Lynnie's Lair Interview

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Video game players live-streaming their game play continues to rise in popularity. Whether it be on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or another platform, thousands of people watch their favorite players play their favorite games every day. For those who have never watched a gaming streamer, a question that is often asked is, “Why would you want to watch someone else play a video game when you could just play it yourself?” I'm not ashamed to admit, I was once one of those people. Then I started watching several different streamers on Facebook. One big reason to watch these talented gamers, that most people might not even be aware of, is the sense of community that forms between the streamer and their followers. These groups of followers and the gamers they watch aren't just in it for entertainment. The gamers and their followers are forming strong friendships and offering one another emotional support as well. One streamer, who recently started streaming on Facebook Gaming, has taken this concept to heart. She chooses to use her live-streams as a chance to help people, while also creating entertaining video content. I virtually sat down with Lynnie's Lair Gaming to learn more about her reasons for becoming a live-streamer and how she's using her platform to be a voice for mental health awareness.

BONES: Tell our readers a little about yourself.

LYNNIE: My name is Lynnea and I'm a 22 year old mental health advocate from California. Freelance makeup artist, and Facebook Gaming moderator turned streamer.

BONES: How did you get involved in the competitive gaming community?

LYNNIE: I was randomly scrolling on Facebook in April of 2019 and came across a streamer by the name of Mr. Kel. I saw that he was playing Apex which was the game I was playing at the time. I ended up following him and learning more about how to get better at Apex since he's considered a top tier player, and from there I got into the competitive gaming scene.

BONES: You recently started your own streaming channel on Facebook Gaming. What inspired you to make the jump from moderator to streamer?

LYNNIE: I recently made my page Lynnie's Lair on Facebook. Before doing so I was a moderator for 20+ Facebook streamers. Starting my own page was always something I wanted to do but couldn't until my funds had aligned. Seeing the impact that streamers had on people's lives was ultimately what inspired me to start myself.

BONES: I know Mental Health Awareness is important to you. Tell us more about that and how it applies to your gaming philosophy and live streams.

LYNNIE: From being so deeply involved in the Facebook gaming community I learned and observed a lot of things. One of which being that there was a huge gap in the Facebook gaming community in regards to mental health. I myself struggle with mental health issues and when I found Mr. Kel in 2019, watching his streams had saved my life- without that even being his intention.

I feel as though I can be the light to fill the dark gap in the community and raise awareness for mental health issues. I've seen so many streamers save lives just from playing video games for hours on end without that even being their intention- so I can only imagine the impact my voice could have with my soul purpose being centered around mental health.

BONES: Along those lines, you also participate in several podcasts that talk about a variety of topics. Can you tell us more about the podcasts?

LYNNIE: I am a co-host for two podcasts each week. Every Monday I am a co-host on "Motivation Monday" hosted by Shotbybuddha. Motivation Monday came about from wanting to change the pace of the way things were being done on Facebook. There weren't enough good things being talked about at the time and it's something that's grown and evolved since then. Every Thursday I am also a co-host on "Community Talks" hosted by Seethru Gaming. Community talks is similar to Motivation Monday except we have different guests on every week (typically content creators) and for the first two hours we ask questions strictly revolving around mental health.

After those initial two hours, we open up the call for anyone in the community to join and talk/ask about anything. These two days are the most important days of my week.

BONES: I've watched you play with several other live streamers, including Xh1b1t and Zaenestro. I've always been interested to know, have you ever hung out with those guys in person? Or is your friendship completely through gaming and online communication?

LYNNIE: I have formed very close relationships with a lot of amazing content creators on Facebook and with a lot of people within the community over the past year. I have yet to meet any of my close friends because we were all supposed to meet at E3 in June, but it was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. I do plan on meeting a handful of people once the virus is contained. In the meantime we have settled for FaceTime and Zoom calls to stay in contact.

BONES: What other jobs do you or have you had, before you started live streaming?

LYNNIE: Before live-streaming on Facebook I had only ever had retail management job positions outside of being a freelance makeup artist. I had been unemployed for the last year before streaming though because of health issues.

BONES: Outside of video games, do you have any other Geeky interests? (cosplay, comics, table top games, etc.. ?

LYNNIE: Outside of streaming I don't have much free time and when I do have free time I try to spend it catching up on sleep. Sleep is a super important factor of mental health and it's often times looked over by streamers and they end up running themselves dry. If I'm not sleeping, streaming, or spending time with family I'm either watching makeup videos on YouTube/practicing makeup techniques to make sure I never lose my creative eye/craft.

BONES: Any advice to pass on to people who want to get into competitive gaming or live streaming?

LYNNIE: The best advice I can give to anyone wanting to get into this scene is to be yourself, play games that make YOU HAPPY, and surround yourself with people who have your best interest in mind. There are a lot of people in this industry who only want to surround themselves with you for what they can gain from you. Protect your peace and energy at all costs and have fun while doing so. I'm always here to help and answer anyone's questions about anything.

I want to thank Lynnie for taking the time to answer my questions. You can search for Lynnie's Lair on Facebook to find her Gaming page or use the embedded link in this article's introduction. In her live-streams Lynnie offers top notch gameplay, a sense of community, and a vital service. Mental health awareness is important, and I think it's really cool that she's using video games as a platform to help people. Whether it be from watching her kick butt on Apex Legends and Call of Duty or from her positivity, you're sure to walk away from one of her live-streams in a good mood.