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Gamer Profile: My Interview with Mad Shinobi Gaming

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Recently, thanks to a random live video appearing on my Facebook news-feed, I've started watching people stream video games on Facebook Gaming. Many popular games are featured on Facebook Gaming, and these games are streamed by a wide variety of different people. I started watching Fortnite, but quickly got bored. Ninety percent of that game is breaking down objects for resources, so the streams got really boring really quickly. Next I tried out Call of Duty. Although more exciting, those streams are rather repetitive as well. Then I checked out Mortal Kombat 11 and found Mad Shinobi Gaming.

Shinobi runs a really fun live stream. Though he specializes in Mortal Kombat, he streams a variety of games. Not only does he respond to the commenters in his chat, but he actively engages in conversation with them as he's playing the chosen game for that night's stream. Shinobi's stream also has a family aspect that I enjoy. His wife and parents often make appearances in the chat or play the games right alongside him. Recently, I virtually sat down and had a conversation with the Mad Shinobi.

BONES: How'd you get into competitive gaming and how long have you been live streaming?

SHINOBI: Well, I've been a competitive gamer for a while now. I'd say my start happened with the end of Injustice 2 similar to SCAR with Mortal Kombat 9.

BONES: What's the most rewarding thing about being a live streamer?

SHINOBI: The most rewarding thing is when people tell me that I'm the best part of there day or when I'm told that I'm their favorite streamer. It makes me feel good.

BONES: What's the most challenging thing about being a live streamer?

SHINOBI: For me, its creating the content. I never know how people will respond. One day I might drop something amazing and the next it may be trash.

BONES: You often switch games from one stream to the next. but Mortal Kombat is the one you play the most. What do you like most about fighting games?

SHINOBI: Fighting games have always been an important part of my life. I think fighting games are fun to me because when you pick up that controller and the match starts and the tournament starts, there is no running. It's just you and the other player fighting for those bragging rights.

BONES: Sometimes you'll run Call of Duty with your parents. Have you guys always played video games as a family? Or is it something you've started recently?

SHINOBI: We have always played games as a family. At first my mom didn't really like the idea. As a matter of fact she hated it, lol. My dad eventually got her hooked on games. I think her addiction started with the Xbox 360 version of Bejeweled. Then she became addicted to the Left For Dead series and we played that more times that I care to count. The same with Phantasy Star Universe. I guess that's the long way of saying yes we've always played.

BONES: When you aren't playing, who are some other streamers you like to watch?

SHINOBI: Man, I have so many. My favorites would have to be FatUglyJoJo, Rossi_Ent, Fema1eGamer, and Juice Lee. Those guys are fucking mint.

BONES: Outside of video games, what do you do for fun? Do take part in any Geeky activities?

SHINOBI: I'm a huge nerd. I read comics. Preferably DC. I like the dark stuff like: Joker: Death of the family, The Death of Superman, The Batman Who Laughs, Damian - Son of Batman. Stuff like that. I play Yugioh. Currently I main a ritual blue eyes white dragon deck. I took fifth place at a local before they quarantined us. I do cosplay sometimes, my favorite cosplay is Tobi from Naruto. I planned on cosplaying Overhaul from My Hero Academia, but that event was canceled so I'm saving that for later.

BONES: Any advice for people who want to get into competitive gaming or live streaming?

SHINOBI: My advice to anyone looking to start streaming is to just do it. I started streaming on my iPhone using an app called omelet arcade. Believe me when I tell I that it is hard work. If you really want to make it as a streamer, persistence and hard work is everything. Even when you think it's going no where, keep going.

You can find all of Mad Shinobi's content and live streams on his Facebook Page. Check him out if you're in the mood for good conversation, family ass-kicking, or sick Moral Kombat Fatalities.